A Dollar For Your Thoughts
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Perspective /pə(r)ˈspektɪv/:
- one's "point of view", the choice of a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences

내이름 파디난드예요.

This blog is just some of the things that I have come across, experienced, and/or thought about. Some of the things that I've kept in my head.
In this blog, I'll try to have more posts than reblogs. If not that, then a fairly even amount of both. These posts will most likely be mini rants, thoughts I would have at a moment, and the like.

Though perspective includes sights, there will be very little to no photos (in which I will take) involved here as to the limited access to a camera.


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Wow. 3:40pm to 5:28pm…

This is a MUST one day. :3333 Haha.

Posted on July/15/2011
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  1. seven-words-down-to-two said: ^////-////^ *Cough cough* You better have a lot of gum. *Cough* Is there a thing called sore lips? I think there is or something similar. O.O
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